Not In Bevy’s World! A Bevelations Book Review!

I feel as if Bev’s stories come from true Harlem Renaissance or old black Hollywood or something like that and all I can hear while reading her books is jazz from a smoky cotton club. ~ Katrina Gurl When I … Continue reading

Tell Me Something Good In A Musical Black History…

Stevie Wonder wrote this song and recorded it himself on December 13, 1973 – he copyrighted it on January 3, 1974. His version was never released, as he gave it to Rufus, since Stevie was a fan of their lead singer, Chaka Khan. Around this time, Wonder was turning many of his best songs over to female singers with otherworldly voices: Aretha Franklin recorded his “Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)” and Minnie Riperton did “Lovin’ You.”

The story Chaka Khan tells is that Wonder was going to bring them a song in the studio, and when he dropped by and played her the song, she stunned her bandmates by telling the mighty Stevie Wonder she didn’t like it; Chaka says she was 19 and pregnant, so she was a little prickly at the time. Wonder asked her astrological sign, and when she told him Aries, he delivered “Tell Me Something Good.” According to Chaka, she loved it and they worked out the song together in the studio, although Stevie is the only credited writer on the song.  [Facts from City Binge Music] 

“Letter to My Love” Steamy Trails Poetry Challenge

Photobucket Hey folks!

Our next poetry challenge is hosted by none other than
“Hope- Leslie Crushin” This will be a vixen style fantasy poem
with a letter to my lover format. You must use creativity surrounding
energy ONE of the songs below. EXAMPLE LETTER

Prince – Darling Nikki
Tweet Oops (Oh My)
Silk – Meeting In My Bedroom

Happy writing!

Michael Charles Givens on A Touch of Grace

Author MIchael Charles GivensSteamy Trails is thanking you all  in advance for tuning in with Author Michael Charles Givens on Blog Talk Radio.
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August 2011 Jamaica Cruise…

Jamaica - BEAUTIFUL CARIBBEAN BEACHESHello Steamy Trails Members! We want to be SERIOUS about a CRUISE, so by a show of hands, let us know who’d REALLY be interested in joining us for a long awaited trip to JAMAICA!!! All the details are being worked out as we speak, but again, we need a show of hands of who truly is interested. Take a look at this video. Nita will be explaining how all our networks will combind to make this trip a success!!!! August 2011!!!  All cruise reservations will be accommodated by  Fun Time Vacation Club.

Online research gives us glorious results that Jamaica is a beautiful island located in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is located about 90 miles south of Cuba, and 120 miles west of Hispaniola and is called Xaymaca or the “Land of Wood and Water”. Once a Spanish colony called Santiago, the island became the British Crown colony of Jamaica after the British takeover. Jamaica is famous as the birth place of Reggae and music icon Bob Marley as well as for its Rastafarian and African culture.

Jamaica is a country of exquisite natural beauty with beautiful white, golden and black sandy beaches bordered by gorgeous Blue Mountains and an incomparable culture. The island experiences a fantastic weather so if you are looking to get away from the cold weather and want to bask in some warm sunshine or some cool breeze you will find the perfect climate there.

Once you are in Jamaica you can get a taste of its colorful history when you visit the old sugar plantations and slavery ruins. You can visit the Rose Hall White House which is an old plantation which has been beautifully restored where you will hear tales of the wicked White Witch of Rose Hall or you can visit Fort Charles, Fort Rupert and the ruins of the 16th century city of Port Royal which was once home to pirates like infamous Sir Henry Morgan and was known as the wickedest city on earth but is now known as the “city that sank”. If you are into music then you must visit at least one of the many locations dedicated to o the legendary Bob Marley.

Jamaica’s attractions range from beautiful green parks to well preserved colonial towns. The country also has numerous beaches for you to enjoy these include Doctor’s Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Dunns River Falls, Turtle Tower, YS Falls, and Puerto Seco. The beach fronts are designed for carefree and casual enjoyment where you can find pleasures in para-sailing, snorkeling, diving, swimming and other water sports activities, tennis, river rafting as well as golf can also be enjoyed.

The beautiful beaches aren’t the only natural attractions in Jamaica; there are the rugged mountains with rolling hills for you to explore like the Blue Mountains with its beautiful backdrop, famous for its Blue Mountain Coffee; and the Bull Head Mountains in Clarendon whose peak marks the center of the island and is perfect for hiking; there is also an annual hiking celebration on Ash Wednesdays on this mountain. Other natural attractions include the Cockpit Country, Hellshire Hills, Litchfield forest reserves, Black River Safari and White River among others.

The coastal Towns of Negril and Montego Bay are two of the popular tourist destinations with energetic clubs and fine restaurants for dining. Both towns are famous as party towns in the country as well as the country’s capital of Kingston. Jamaica also has many historic sites, museums as well as cultural events and celebrations which are held annually in the country.

Jamaica enjoys a tropical climate which supports diverse ecosystems with many plants and animals. The Island is also home to one of the largest and last remaining fern rain-forests in the world. The beautiful island also has a diverse bird life which includes parrots, hummingbird, cuckoos, and green todies which is perfect for bird watchers. Jamaica has many different dry and wet limestone forests, rain-forest, riparian woodland, wetlands, caves, rivers, sea grass beds and coral reefs which have helped to give the country a biodiversity ranking of 5 amongst all the countries worldwide of the endemic plants and animals.

The country is home to many luxurious resorts, hotels, apartments, villas, condos and vacation homes so when you are in Jamaica you don’t need to worry about finding a great place to stay since fine accommodations can be found just about everywhere on the island.