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Love I’m still here by LaQuista Danielle Wilhite Jones

Love I’m still here

Last night I had a dream about my love that I have loved since I felt the feeling of true love. I dreamed my love was walking away from me, literally draining the love away from me. Instead my love awaken me, embraced me and told me love it’s only a dream, your love is right here. I love you love, love you love me endlessly infinity…….

Love lain with me,

conversed with me

Assured me that our love is okay.

Love is our daily bread fed everyday

Love held me

love told me

I love the way you love me

Our love was dug up deep from the core

There is no other love evermore

Our Love is united,


Nothing can tear us uneven

We have to trust our love is worth believing

Our love is willing

One hundred ten percent for filling

Our love is incredible

Safe and easy even edible

Healthy to our romantic appetite

Our love is remarkable despite

This dream you had tonite

Pause for the cause

Love to love you in our love clause

Our love isn’t only in the small print

It is justifiable in our everyday life that we represent

Our love is wherever we are together

Together as one through any types of weather

Our love is unforgettable

More faithful, less predictable

Non tolerate against being hateful

We LOVE GOD which makes us dedicated and faithful

We’ve been through a difficult situation

Love has been our only definite consideration

Love never prevailed

God has never failed

As long as our love is blessed without mess

We shall stand steadfast in every test

Love never will I leave you to do wrong

I’ve wanted your love by my side for to long

The boy in me has died, making the man in me strong

Loving you gently, I’ve become Love obsess

Proclaiming our love I will forever confess

Love we have been molded for each other by the hands of the Man Love I will always Love you giving you more than the best I can

Sleep love.

I dreamed to

I dreamed I was your hero and I saved you

I saved you from the idea of love and showed you our love is true

I took you to the Lord’s house held you and told you I do

Gently he embraced me, kissed me and whispered in my ear

It was only a dream love I’m still right here

By LaQuista Danielle Wilhite Jones

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