Steamy Trails Alumni – Tiffany Christina Lewis

When asked what Tiffany thought of our services here is what she had to say: So, my recent book release was published by Steamy Trails Publishing. I’m really impressed with their fearless leader, Katrina, first of all, because I am … Continue reading



I miss the days
When heavy was light,
And in your face
Was just as good as out of sight.

I miss the days
When bad was good,
And dynamite
Never hurt nobody.

Like back in the days when
A dime was really worth a quarter,
And penny candies
Wasn’t simply an old mans dream.

When talkin trash
Was good clean fun,
When black was strength
Without a gun.

I miss the days
When digging something,
Never required shovels
And trinkets.

Back when hand shakes
Lasted all day it seemed,
OUR way showing and
Knowing we had surely made it home.

How about the days when entire neighborhoods
Took the time to raise one child.
And when street lights told time
Better than watches.

I sure miss the good old days
Days that were tried and true
Days that were filled with the real
And less reality!

A realist poem
Written by Katrina Gurl 2010
The Balcony View Books