A New Title Announcement!

We of Steamy Trails Publishing, are so happy to announce the upcoming release of Author Anthony Arnold’s 4th title. August 12, 2020

To Live & Die in AmeriKKKa
Inequality, Rage, Sorrow and Despair

mock-00054Ignorance and racism: One breeds the other. Will you do your part to remove both?

Every day we hear of death in our neighborhoods. No matter if it is by the police or by our own hands. We are burying our people in record numbers and no one seems to have an answer. Not the so-called leaders, not the police. No one. I wish I knew.

This is my attempt to put the word out so that someone, somewhere just might.


Unforeseen Partitions II by Keeta B.

Unforeseen Partitions II continues every bit of the passion and lust from the erotic short stories in part I. Creatively written by Keeta B.


This book is intended to open your mind to love and lust, while tantalizing your inner soul with passion. If you thought the first edition was a hot read, wait until you open this one and begin reading. Cuddle up with a glass of your favorite intoxicating drink, a warm blanket, and candlelight, or with your lover, allowing this book to take you on an erotic ride.

UPII_IG2From the very beginning Renee’ always knew it was a dangerous game getting involved with the boy next door. Rico was living with another woman and had been Renee’s neighbor for approximately three to four years.

Renee’ never wanted to sleep with him, but it was a different story when flirtation turned into lust! What will happen once someone catches feeling? Will egos and pride get in the way of making good choices or will an exasperated sexual drive entice them to do things they both know they shouldn’t?

Author Keeta B. has done it again! Unforeseen Partition II continues with every bit the passion and lust as part one, with new, sexy short stories, erotic poetry and much more!


Matthew Shephard, the winners of the 2016 Unforeseen Partition II contest.

Matthew Shephard was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where he earned his bachelor’s in16523877_1796115177379233_286416636_o Sociology. He has been writing and performing poetry locally since 2011, starting with a piece written for the love of his life and won our 2015 poetry contest, which earned him a full page featuring is unique poetry.

Matthew has authored three short collections of poetry entitled, “love headaches & heartbreaks”, “speak life”, and “the art of starvation”. He is currently working on a fourth collection. He credits God and both of his loving parents, Tammie & Willie Shephard, for his hard work ethic and talent.

Unforeseen Partitions II Releases April 12, 2017, however you can pre-order the kindle edition right now!  All ya need to do is click here to order.


0154858158726075_741523410_nKeeta B. is a well-established author with three books under her belt, which includes: Life’s Memories, Unforeseen Partitions and part 2 of the same.

She is recognized for her erotic based lit, as well as heart capturing true stories about her own life. Keeta B. hopes to keep her readers globally interest at the highest peak as their minds remains curious as to what she has in store next.

Congrats on a Third Release – Anthony Arnold

AAKindleCover (1)

Random Thoughts: Reflections from the Mind of a Poet by Anthony Arnold…

The Grasshopper humbly bows, again!!! This is Anthony Arnold third book of poetry to be released and we are extremely proud of him. He dedicated this one to his late mother, Marolyn Martin. He describe her as his perfect muse for his gift in writing all the wonderful poetry.

There was no one more proud when my first books, My People, Our Trials and Tribulations, and Urban Musings were released. She was looking forward to the release of this book. So this book is dedicated to her, My Muse, my mom. I miss you dearly.

Random Thoughts: Reflections from the Mind of a Poet is the manifestation of feelings, thoughts and words onto paper with the heart stained in ink of Anthony’s essence on every page. His complication this third time around are not only profound, but heart wrenching as well.

In our opinion, Author Anthony Arnold may very well one of the greatest poets of our time and I am more than happy to come to know his work, his poetry!


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Random Thoughts: Reflections from the Mind of a Poet

Steamy Trails Publishing Presents – Chains Falling by Tricia St. John

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Chains Falling by Author Tricia St. John
Author Tricia St. John

Steamy Trails Publishing, announces the much anticipated release of the book, CHAINS FALLING: 21 Poems written by Tricia St.

Tricia St. John is a third time author, and poet from Tarouba, Trinidad and Tobago. At age 11, Tricia began writing essays for school. She recalls her mother telling her when she was a young girl that she was quite the little narrator. Tricia would sit with a book held upside down and invent her own stories.

On March 16, 2014, Tricia was baptized. Her latest book is about life’s struggles she has overcome and the joy of God. Through her experiences, she has fully become aware of the gratitude that comes with the knowing He is and always will be all the strength she will need to conquer obstacles.

Tricia has always wanted to share her poetry and is excited about her sophomore offering and the many poetry books to follow. The title was inspired by her favorite gospel song by Tasha Cobbs, “CHAINS FALLING.” Tricia’s following began with the success of her first two books entitled, “Before Me, After Me, Now Me” and “Moving On.” Her readers are constantly encouraging her writing journey with their love.

Expect “CHAINS FALLING” to be an outpouring of life experience!!!

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Author Tricia St. John

Download it now on AMAZON

53 by Anthony Arnold

Steamy Trails Publishing wishes Mr. Anthony Arnold that happiest birthday ever and we are proud to share his birthday poetry with our readers on this special day.

53 (My Birthday Piece)

Over a half century I have existed
And by the grace of the almighty
I’ve seen things, experienced more
this is my life in a capsule

May 4th 1961, my born day
My life began
The freedom riders, beaten and jailed
Civil rights, let the young ones begin

As a child the images I saw were of funerals
The Kennedy’s, MLK and Malcolm filled my tv screen
Today the images are the same, just the people have changed
Trayvon, and Justin are two that come to mind

Unrest sparked my formative years
Atlanta, Oakland, and Detroit riots to name a few
My adult years saw more of the same
LA, Miami, and Cincinnati proved we were not free

Younger years, an awakening, my coming out party
Chased by people meant to do me harm, the n-word flowing free
Fast forward to 2012, dressed in suit and tie
Still just a nigger to some, their words said so

Fought for my country, the land of the free, home of the brave
Took down saddam, the new axis of evil
But in some minds, this was Vietnam all over again
Go back to where you came baby killer

Decorated for my service, my time away from home
Retired, thank you good bye now
But it means nothing in the job line
I was another name, another number

So I carry on, my family dwindling
My brothers, my wife, my children all I have left
But she who I treasured most, my muse
Has been called home

53 years on this earth, friends come and gone
My people at times lost
But I will carry on, until I can’t
Until my breathe leaves this vessel

And he calls me and says well done.