A New Title Announcement!

We of Steamy Trails Publishing, are so happy to announce the upcoming release of Author Anthony Arnold’s 4th title. August 12, 2020

To Live & Die in AmeriKKKa
Inequality, Rage, Sorrow and Despair

mock-00054Ignorance and racism: One breeds the other. Will you do your part to remove both?

Every day we hear of death in our neighborhoods. No matter if it is by the police or by our own hands. We are burying our people in record numbers and no one seems to have an answer. Not the so-called leaders, not the police. No one. I wish I knew.

This is my attempt to put the word out so that someone, somewhere just might.


Introducing Author Carolyn Kirkland Sattiewhite

Today we of Steamy Trails Publishing, are happy to announce that Carolyn Kirkland Sattiewhite, is our latest rising author! Releasing everywhere June 26, 2020

Carolyn Kirkland Sattiewhite, was born and raised in the small town of Forrest City, AR. She loves to read and has thousands of books at home. She devoted 33 years working for the Department of Human Services and the last 14 years working as a Specialist servingCarolynPic Adults with a Developmental Disability.

She received her associated degree at East Arkansas Community College in Business and accounting 1984. She later furthered her education by receiving her Bachelor in Art and Sociology from the State of Arkansas University 1997.

The new author enjoys down time with her wonderful husband, Jerry of 29 years and three sons Marlo, Effrin and Merrio. Also, a step mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Before the passing of her mother in 1999, she promised her that one day, she would publish a book. After years of procrastination, she is happy to share her first published book with the world. Her determination to keep this promise became a reality.

Carolyn Sattiewhite (2)Book Titled: Why Can’t Love Last

Synopsis: Sylvia, raised by a Christian family that strongly believe in God, had no fear in marrying her high school sweetheart at a young age. She thought her life at that moment was pure bliss. Fast-forwarding  to the divorce, she realized that the bliss she felt was not what she thought at all.

It took Sylvia quite a bit of praying about to trusting another, but nevertheless, for a second time she opened her heart to love… when along came Melvin.  Seemingly, yet again, man of her dreams, but Melvin’s dark, kept secrets would turn Sylvia world upside down.

Will Sylvia’s next love be the home run she needs or just another strike in the game of love?

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