Checkout Anthony’s Upcoming Podcast with Black Girls Ink

Hello Steamy Trails Family,

Author Anthony Arnold will be a guest on Black Girls INK with Barbar Hall Aka BARBIE this Wednesday 7 p.m. EST. October 28th.

Black girls Ink is a place where many topics are discussed, but what we love the most abouth them is that they ar support black authors, and Anthony is honored to be asked on the show. They will be discussing his newest title: To Live and Die in Amerikkka” and this is your chance to hear him reciting LIVE POETRY!

So, join us this Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST, October 28th, we promise you will not regret it.

Podcast Link: Black Girls Ink

Anthony’s Website:

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Unforeseen Partitions II by Keeta B.

Unforeseen Partitions II continues every bit of the passion and lust from the erotic short stories in part I. Creatively written by Keeta B.


This book is intended to open your mind to love and lust, while tantalizing your inner soul with passion. If you thought the first edition was a hot read, wait until you open this one and begin reading. Cuddle up with a glass of your favorite intoxicating drink, a warm blanket, and candlelight, or with your lover, allowing this book to take you on an erotic ride.

UPII_IG2From the very beginning Renee’ always knew it was a dangerous game getting involved with the boy next door. Rico was living with another woman and had been Renee’s neighbor for approximately three to four years.

Renee’ never wanted to sleep with him, but it was a different story when flirtation turned into lust! What will happen once someone catches feeling? Will egos and pride get in the way of making good choices or will an exasperated sexual drive entice them to do things they both know they shouldn’t?

Author Keeta B. has done it again! Unforeseen Partition II continues with every bit the passion and lust as part one, with new, sexy short stories, erotic poetry and much more!


Matthew Shephard, the winners of the 2016 Unforeseen Partition II contest.

Matthew Shephard was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where he earned his bachelor’s in16523877_1796115177379233_286416636_o Sociology. He has been writing and performing poetry locally since 2011, starting with a piece written for the love of his life and won our 2015 poetry contest, which earned him a full page featuring is unique poetry.

Matthew has authored three short collections of poetry entitled, “love headaches & heartbreaks”, “speak life”, and “the art of starvation”. He is currently working on a fourth collection. He credits God and both of his loving parents, Tammie & Willie Shephard, for his hard work ethic and talent.

Unforeseen Partitions II Releases April 12, 2017, however you can pre-order the kindle edition right now!  All ya need to do is click here to order.


0154858158726075_741523410_nKeeta B. is a well-established author with three books under her belt, which includes: Life’s Memories, Unforeseen Partitions and part 2 of the same.

She is recognized for her erotic based lit, as well as heart capturing true stories about her own life. Keeta B. hopes to keep her readers globally interest at the highest peak as their minds remains curious as to what she has in store next.

Erotic Tranquility: The Christmas Tales!

Newsflash Folks: We are so excited that the third edition of Erotic Tranquility will be publishing a sexy CHRISTMAS anthology!

What we are looking for are short stories with the theme of Christmas. We’re interested in steamy, sexy, fascinating stories that will heat our holiday spirit with romance to set our souls on fire! We are also looking for hot poetry. We want originality, diversity, and strong character development that celebrates erotic romance and we want fun, sexy, romance stories that will push the boundaries.

Since we only have 8 weeks to assemble this new anthology, we have very strict rules! Deadlines are no later than NOVEMBER 30th 2016!

So without further ado, here are the details!

Short Fiction (1,000 – 7,500 words)

We are currently seeking short stories for our next short fiction Erotic Tranquility: The Christmas Tales


Submission Guidelines:

  • Include a cover email containing genre, word count, brief bio, business website and contact information.
  • Please confirm that your story has not been published before.
  • Attach your complete story using Proper Short Story Manuscript Format.

(STEAMY TRAILS EXPECTATIONS: Times New Roman preferred, one space after period, italics are okay, em dashes are okay).

  • We accept .doc, .docx, .txt and .rtf files.
  • We do not accept reprints.
  • We do accept simultaneous submissions for short stories (but ask that you contact us immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere).
  • Send to with subject line: The Christmas Tales and Author name.
  • Anthology contract must be signed before admission
  • (IMPORTANT) Your work must be edited to the best of your ability due to the tight deadline.
  • Participation Gift: 1 free copy of completed anthology and free advertisement of your written work for 1 year.
  • Final selections will be made in November 30th 2016

Good Luck and we hope to hear from you!

Katrina Gurl of Steamy Trails Publishing Team







What is Erotic Love to You? (A Keeta B. Book Contest)

Unforeseen PartitionsWhat is Erotic Love to You?
(A Keeta B. Book Contest)

*Winner’s Story will appear in Author Keeta B’s Unforeseen Petitions Part II

*An Amazon $50 gift certificate, special biography page, paid social media promotion, and story featured in Steamy Trails Publications.

Topic: Erotic/Fantasy – In your story we need you to define what is love means in your own words. Describe what your idea of romance is in 1000-4000 words.

Award date:   By December 30, 2015


*Entry Fee:   Free Entry

*Submit period:   October 15 – December 15th

  1. POST an erotic fantasy/define what is love in own words/describe what your idea of romance is
  2. Tag 3 people in post.
  3. Follow me on IG @betterthanyathink and on twitter @authorkeetab

Always tag me on facebook whenever you post @

Congrats to Author Keeta B.

Steamy Trails Publishing Presents:
Life’s Memories by Author Keeta B.

The book Life’s Memories tells a story of the everyday struggles that individuals go through in life.  The book looks at a family and how each one was faced with aooooo different struggle that shaped them into being who they were as a person.  We will take a look at the Main character Christina and watch how she grows and develops from infant to adult hood and how the different events shaped her into becoming the overall well rounded individual she became.

“We are about to take a journey through the lives of several individual and their struggles of life they encountered along the way.  Some have some really good memories and historical ones they don’t mind passing down through the generations; while others have some not so good memories that they would have preferred to take to their graves.  Each person struggled with something in life and some of the things carried over to the lives of their children.  The most important thing we have to remember is no two people can wear the same exact shoes and experience the same journey those shoes has to offer.  Some people all they have to offer out of life are their memories.”

Each character has a story to tell in their own words and watching how they interact with others and the lifestyle of choice, the reader will notice how there are changes that affect the livelihood of them.  In the end the basis of the story shows how each individual character in their own way is seeking love and sometimes finding it in all the wrong places.

“People always think they know someone just by looking at them or from others have told them about someone.  The old saying goes: You can’t judge a book by its cover unless you open it up and begin to read the pages.  You never know why a person does some of the things they do, act a certain way or have the beliefs they have until you sit down and talk with them and find out the paths in which they have taken.”


KeetBkinPicAbout the Author

Keeta B. is a pseudonym being used by Nakita K. Borders.  Nakita grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan and graduated from Battle Creek Central High School.

After being there the majority of her young adult life she moved to Arkansas with her 4 children.  Once settled she moved to Pine Bluff, AR where she studied Nursing and Sociology at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, before moving her family to Fort Worth, Texas where she currently resides.

Once moving to Texas she began her studies at the University of Texas, Arlington where she will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in University Studies with her emphasis in Social Science, Human Science and Humanities. Nakita will graduate in December 2014.

Keeta B. began writing while attending high school and she always had a love for reading books.   Over the years, Keeta B. felt a sense that everyone has a story to tell and it all starts by putting it on paper.  She hopes that this book encourages and possibly inspires others to live their dream of getting their stories out.


Visit her Website, Facebook,  Publishe Page and Twitter