Not In Bevy’s World! A Bevelations Book Review!

I feel as if Bev’s stories come from true Harlem Renaissance or old black Hollywood or something like that and all I can hear while reading her books is jazz from a smoky cotton club.

~ Katrina Gurl

When I purchased this book, I had no idea what to expect, but I knew one thing…I was intrigued at how this perfect-sized, bodacious black woman was all over my T.V. and on my Radio as well. Turns out, Bevy Smith’s book is a perfect guide to building your dream life! Bevy Smith’s personality and life lessons shine through this entire book!

First, I love the name of the book. It’s not Revelations, its Bevelations and I take these 2 ways…

  1. In the Abrahamic religions, the term is used to refer to the process by which God reveals knowledge of himself, his will, and his divine providence to the world of human beings. In secondary usage, revelation refers to the resulting human knowledge about God, prophecy, and other divine things.
  2. Or the literal meaning: a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.

Either way you interpret that title, this book is fill with the journey that led her to greatness in her own right. She sugarcoats nothing yet make the unfolding of her life seem sweet to a fault. There are moments of sadness in the book, especially the one about her father, but the stories and people she has met along the way really makes you laugh even through the pain we know she has faced.

Whenever I read a book, I know at some point I will also purchase the audio. But it is just something about turning the pages of a book for me. I also will most like ALWAYS have a favorite chapter in every book I read and in this one it for sure is chapter 7: Broke but Blissful. I related to this chapter because it is when she really comes to terms with her lifestyle vs. cashflow. When we make big decisions in our lives, we often do not account of the big hit our lifestyle will take during that change. This screamed so true for me…especially during the pandemic.

In the book one of her motto’s is: Its Greater Later and nothing says that more through her then journey to now. Bevy is just what the cover says, a real-life lesson personified the way a mother, auntie or bestie would share it to you straight and honest! Bevelations shows that you can evolve and reinvent way beyond just one life dream if done with grit and persistence you can live all the little dreams that lay dormant in your soul.

Society tells us that we should have a clear path and plan for our lives in our 20’s, but not in Bev’s world! It’s exhilarating to hear that it’s never too late live a great life as we see clearly exampled in Bevelations.

Who needs to be reading this book: People who are desiring to change careers, people who want more out of life and people that dare to live their dream while willing to do the soul and physical work to do so.

Bonus Thought: This book is filled with invisible underlined lessons that Bev sneaks into each chapter and if you are alert and ready, she literally gives you all the tea! As I mentioned in the video, I feel as if Bev’s stories come from true Harlem Renaissance or old black Hollywood or something like that and all I can hear while reading her books is jazz from a smoky cotton club…get this book! It is an amazing read!

Product Details: BUY HERE

Price: $18.29 – $22.99

Publisher: Andy Cohen Books

Publish Date: January 12, 2021

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 6.2 X 9.3 X 1.1 inches | 1.05 pounds

Language: English

Type: Hardcover

EAN/UPC: 9781250311788

BISAC Categories: Personal Memoirs, Women, Motivational & Inspirational

Author: Steamy Trails Publishing

Steamy Trails Publishing began in 2010 with two girls that had a dream to publish people that wanted to get their books out, but didn’t have the large amounts of cash that most publishing companies were charging. To cut costs for our clients, it took a LOT of work, but together we got the job done. Now that Steamy Trails Publishing is solely ran by Katrina Gurl, and the mission still is to provide a professional and proficient publishing service that will produce marketable literary work for all. Steamy Trails Publishing believes that it is your “write” to live your literary dreams and our purpose is to serve you well with quality and respect. Anyone can put words on paper and call it a book, but a quality book represents you and your vision. Steamy Trails Publishing helps you represent yourself in the best light that you deserve. Get Published:

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