What is Erotic Love to You? (A Keeta B. Book Contest)

Unforeseen PartitionsWhat is Erotic Love to You?
(A Keeta B. Book Contest)

*Winner’s Story will appear in Author Keeta B’s Unforeseen Petitions Part II

*An Amazon $50 gift certificate, special biography page, paid social media promotion, and story featured in Steamy Trails Publications.

Topic: Erotic/Fantasy – In your story we need you to define what is love means in your own words. Describe what your idea of romance is in 1000-4000 words.

Award date:   By December 30, 2015


*Entry Fee:   Free Entry

*Submit period:   October 15 – December 15th

  1. POST an erotic fantasy/define what is love in own words/describe what your idea of romance is
  2. Tag 3 people in post.
  3. Follow me on IG @betterthanyathink and on twitter @authorkeetab

Always tag me on facebook whenever you post @ www.facebook.com/authorkeetab

Author: Steamy Trails Publishing

Steamy Trails Publishing began in 2010 with two girls that had a dream to publish people that wanted to get their books out, but didn’t have the large amounts of cash that most publishing companies were charging. To cut costs for our clients, it took a LOT of work, but together we got the job done. Now that Steamy Trails Publishing is solely ran by Katrina Gurl, and the mission still is to provide a professional and proficient publishing service that will produce marketable literary work for all. Steamy Trails Publishing believes that it is your “write” to live your literary dreams and our purpose is to serve you well with quality and respect. Anyone can put words on paper and call it a book, but a quality book represents you and your vision. Steamy Trails Publishing helps you represent yourself in the best light that you deserve. Get Published: http://www.steamytrailspublishing.com/about-us.html

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