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My Writing Process – What Writing Process?

“Well there you have it in a nutshell, my writing process.” Says Anthony Arnold. And, he pulls us in to this ‘my writing process’ blog tour. Anthony says he’s curious to know what our writing process will be during this summer’s lineup.

Well, here goes nothing!

What are you currently writing?

Right now we are working on 2…we repeat 2 Steamy Trails anthology projects. Both are part II’s of their series. EROTIC TRANQUILITY and SECRET CRUSHES REVEALED.

What makes your work different?

I don’t know that it is so very different. When we set out to put out work, we begin reading literature from great writers and storytellers such as: Nike Binger Marshall, Anthony Arnold, Antwon Temoney, Michael Charles Givens and Wil Palazzo. Those writers have vast imagination, talent and a writing structure that keeps us enthused about writing.  We of Steamy Trails Publishing think it is imperative for writers to read more than they write.  A writer should always be ready to learn, explore and then absorb wisdom through great literature.

Why do you write what you do?

Our anthologies are usually poetry, short stories or something we call true fiction. We believe that fiction opens access to a truth way more than the average Joe may be willing to admit…thus, ‘true fiction’. ‘Secret Crushes Revealed’ is filled with true stories of secrete crushes told by anonymous people. The series is listed as fiction, yet is the truest line by line literature one can find on Amazon. The series began as a blog post and grew into something bigger than we’d ever imagined. We have at least 2 editions on top of the one we are working on now that we can publish as of now from all the secret crush mail we have received in 2013 alone.

What is your writing process?

What writing process? The only thing we can do is sneak in some writing in between publishing people. Which seems to happen in the weest hours of the night and mornings.  If that’s actually a style then it is ours as of now.

Next up is our favorite writer WiL D. Palazzo

11 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour – Steamy Trails Publishing

  1. “A writer should always be ready to learn, explore and then absorb wisdom through great literature.” I LOVE that!! Thanks for sharing your writing process!

  2. I enjoy every write ups from one of your colleagues- Author Katrina! All I can say to her is to keep writing , and I wish some day I will join her in this great business of ink and paper!!!

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