53 by Anthony Arnold

Steamy Trails Publishing wishes Mr. Anthony Arnold that happiest birthday ever and we are proud to share his birthday poetry with our readers on this special day.

53 (My Birthday Piece)

Over a half century I have existed
And by the grace of the almighty
I’ve seen things, experienced more
this is my life in a capsule

May 4th 1961, my born day
My life began
The freedom riders, beaten and jailed
Civil rights, let the young ones begin

As a child the images I saw were of funerals
The Kennedy’s, MLK and Malcolm filled my tv screen
Today the images are the same, just the people have changed
Trayvon, and Justin are two that come to mind

Unrest sparked my formative years
Atlanta, Oakland, and Detroit riots to name a few
My adult years saw more of the same
LA, Miami, and Cincinnati proved we were not free

Younger years, an awakening, my coming out party
Chased by people meant to do me harm, the n-word flowing free
Fast forward to 2012, dressed in suit and tie
Still just a nigger to some, their words said so

Fought for my country, the land of the free, home of the brave
Took down saddam, the new axis of evil
But in some minds, this was Vietnam all over again
Go back to where you came baby killer

Decorated for my service, my time away from home
Retired, thank you good bye now
But it means nothing in the job line
I was another name, another number

So I carry on, my family dwindling
My brothers, my wife, my children all I have left
But she who I treasured most, my muse
Has been called home

53 years on this earth, friends come and gone
My people at times lost
But I will carry on, until I can’t
Until my breathe leaves this vessel

And he calls me and says well done.


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