Bavarlee Bernstein Tells His Story This Time

He says that the two people he’d love to meet is Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Walters. Who is he? He’s Bavarlee Bernstein! That man that for the last two years has been helping authors all over the web become noticed through his acclaimed series “LET ME TELL YOUR STORY!”

“LET ME TELL YOUR STORY” is a wonderful and selfless project that he started with others in mind. Its humble beginnings started with a simple test just to see how reading an author’s story would impact notoriety and here it is 55 episodes and counting, Bavarlee Bernstein is still making a difference in the lives of others….and I should know, but we’ll discuss that later.


We had 11 good questions for Bavarlee and with his humble self; he dropped what he was doing to answer them all quicker than it took me to come up with them. He says, “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can get done today!”

We asked:

STP: When did you start this free service for others?

BB: Two years ago.

STP: Why?

BB: I started my facebook series “LET ME TELL YOUR STORY” as simply a test to see how well I could read others stories and make them appear and sound interesting. I had no idea from the start that I would do more than 55 Episodes so far and capture the interest of Authors who wanted me to tell and introduce their stories.

Many of the Authors whose work have appeared on my show have gone on to sell a number of books. One Author in particular, Mellie Miller had her book, “GAMBLER’S FOLLEY” introduced on my show before the book was even published. When the book was finally published months later after being introduced on my show she mailed me a copy. When reading through her acknowledgements, I was surprised to see my name mentioned their as she gave thanks for my help. That’s when I realized that I was making a difference.

STP: Do you have an official web or fanpage?

BB: I currently do not have a fan page or web page. I am primarily on facebook and youtube with my weekly series.

STP: What is your profession by day?

BB: By day I own and manage a number of Real Estate Properties.

STP: Have you written any books that you’d like promoted?

BB: I have written a few books, plays and TV sitcoms that I have plans of marketing and distributing when time permits.

STP: Have you had professional voice training in the past?

BB: No I’ve never had any professional voice training. Although in the late nineties I did have a dance record deal with MIDNEY RECORDS. I guess the constant singing developed certain voice techniques that I use today in my speaking voice.

STP: Do you ever tire of helping others?

BB: No I never get tired of helping others. I look forward to each Saturday morning when I tape my show in preparation for its airing at 10 PM that night. It gives me pleasure to tell their stories. Although I must admit that I’m often nervous after the show airs as I await the comments of the viewer’s especially the writer of the stories. It’s always a relief to hear the writer’s comments. I’ve never had a dissatisfied Author. lol

STP: What is your favorite life quote?

BB: This too shall pass.

STP: Where do you see the services you provide for others expanding in the next 5 years?

BB: Within five years I see, “LET ME TELL YOUR STORY” being Broadcasted on Cable or Network Television.

STP: Is there someone you hope to meet someday?

BB: I would love to meet Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey one day.

STP: Who’s made the most impact on your life?

BB: My Uncle Kenneth White who hosted a Sunday Gospel Radio show in Virginia more than 45 years in Virginia. I remember as a child how the family would gather around the radio to listen to his gospel show. The family was so proud to have a relative who was on the radio. I guess you could say besides Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters my Uncle Kenneth White sort of set the tone for my desire to broadcast.


So there you have it ladies and gentlemen…another little peek into the life of a person that takes time to help and acknowledge others. You, Mr. Bavarlee Bernstein, make the literary world such a brighter place. And, may you always know that your good deeds are never in vain! The blessings from this service you’re  providing is far greater than the sacrifice and time that it takes each week to make this project such a success.

I for one can attest to that, because I am #54 Episode – “KIT KAT’S COACHING GUIDE: LEARNING TO PROTECT YOUR MARRIAGE” – After your reading, I immediately got book purchased.  Not only that, several people asked me more info about my book.

Please know that I am more than proud to have been in that numbers of amazing authors you’ve read for!

Thank you for your time, much success to you and keep doing an AMAZING job!!!

Katrina Gurl of

Steamy Trails Publishing


To follow or find out more information about Bavarlee Bernstein

or “LET ME TELL YOUR STORY” simply visit his facebook page @ bavarleebernsteinproductions

Author: Steamy Trails Publishing

Steamy Trails Publishing began in 2010 with two girls that had a dream to publish people that wanted to get their books out, but didn’t have the large amounts of cash that most publishing companies were charging. To cut costs for our clients, it took a LOT of work, but together we got the job done. Now that Steamy Trails Publishing is solely ran by Katrina Gurl, and the mission still is to provide a professional and proficient publishing service that will produce marketable literary work for all. Steamy Trails Publishing believes that it is your “write” to live your literary dreams and our purpose is to serve you well with quality and respect. Anyone can put words on paper and call it a book, but a quality book represents you and your vision. Steamy Trails Publishing helps you represent yourself in the best light that you deserve. Get Published:

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