Words of Wisdom by De’ Kridge

A special thanks to De’ Kridge for sharing on our blog. His words of wisdom is wonderful to have as we journey through life.

Free Will:

Beyond our accepted illusion of free will, I have reasoned that my will is not at all free. Toward my imagination’s pre-playing of individual and collective purposes achievable. I sense that I am enabled with choice to assert my inclusion for competitive relevance—and with constant-deliberate-effort, to aspire to earn competitive reverence. Perhaps an intrinsic design, this sense of being a continuum of energy, in a state of constant-forward-momentum.

On deeper, introspective examination of my will, I sense one of many purposes achieved is recognition of that intrinsic momentum; and I wonder if for each of us, what is obviously free, is it not choice?

If we are of this intrinsic design—in a perpetual, constant-forward-momentum, then, in spite of obstacles, my will is made up of bequeathed contents, of which I am intrinsically compelled to claim. Perhaps they are called Pre-Birth-Oaaths—those individual and collective preplayed, purposes achievable my imagination affirms as attainable, with constant-deliberate-effort. And if so, to attain such purposes achievable, I propose the following:

RECOGNITION—it is that choice is but a ripple within the unfathomable ocean of effect and cause; and by design, each of us may choose to serve has pawn, knight, king, queen to redesign any moment with merited and/or unmerited thought, word, and/or action.

UNDERSTANDING—we are borrowers, sharers, lenders, and sellers to be used as reminders, signposts, and paths.

ACCEPTANCE—interconnected—pawn, knight, king, or queen – toward… because of… against and for… we must commit, cognizant with recognition and understanding that we venture as the only constant and inconstant namers; and our effects and causes represent the true-knowledge of our individual wills.

With respect and appreciation,

~ De’ Kridge, or simply De

Visit his Website @ http://www.dekridge.com

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